Tax Consultancy Services for
Clubs & Charities

If you want to maximise your club or charity’s potential, your accounts and procedures require expert guidance. From VAT and PAYE health checks, to auto enrolment support, we can assist you in achieving your targets

  • Auto Enrolment

    Auto enrolment has already had a major impact on employers all over the UK. Most UK employers will be obliged to put in place a qualifying workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol their qualifying workers. Employers then have to make contributions to their workers' pensions every pay period. It has never been a more important time to ensure that you are aware of your legal obligations as an employer to avoid penalties. We can carry out all the auto enrolment procedures and processes on your behalf, saving you the hassle and keeping you on the right side of the law.

  • Capital Allowances Review

    Without realising, your business could be missing out on significant savings through capital allowance entitlements. Whether you’re planning to invest in machinery, motor vehicles, computers or other large assets, there’s a good chance you may be able to claim on them. Our team can conduct a review of asset expenditure and advise on the best course of action to boost your cash flow potential.

  • Capital Goods Scheme

    VAT can be a tricky area of tax but we can help to simplify the charge. If your business produces some products that are exempt from VAT and other products that are chargeable to VAT, then you probably know you are in the difficult position where you are ‘Partially Exempt’. Our team will assess your level of taxable and exempt goods to ensure there are no unexpected tax liabilities.

  • PAYE Healthcheck

    HMRC PAYE inspections can be a worry, but with our PAYE & NIC health check we can ease your concerns by reviewing your existing setup to ensure that everything is in order. While the average time between inspections is usually 6 years, it can be as frequent as every 3 years if your business has had past difficulties resulting in errors. The review would involve assessing: Payroll, Benefits & Expenses, Forms P11D and NIC.

  • Mutual Trading

    Applying for Mutual Trading status could see your charity exempt from corporation tax on surpluses. Our expert team can support you in making an application and assist in reviewing your existing income streams and expenses to avoid any unexpected tax liabilities.

  • VAT Health Check

    HMRC PAYE inspections can be a worry, but with our PAYE & NIC health check we can ease your concerns with a review of your existing setup. We’ll ensure everything is in order with our assessment of Payroll, Benefits & Expenses, Forms P11D and NIC.

Tax Consultancy

We understand that your financial needs are unique to you, which is why we offer tailored financial solutions specifically for your business.

From business start-ups and succession planning through to mergers and acquisitions, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and personal objectives – planning ahead to ensure that you achieve those objectives in an effective and tax efficient manner.

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