Internal Audits for
Limited Companies & Directors

The success of any business starts at the heart of its operations. Ensure you maximise your potential with our internal audit service. Our specialist team will examine each aspect of your business’s functions to highlight any weaknesses, and make thorough recommendations on how to move forward.

PGM Internal Audit Process

We have developed our bespoke internal audit service to deliver honest, evidenced assurance at every stage of the process.

Our approach is divided into three key areas to provide transparency from planning through to reporting.

PGM External Audit Service - Risk Based Internal Audit - Analytic Reviews - Key controls testing

Risk-Based Internal Audit

Key Controls Testing

Analytical Reviews

Our Audit Response System enables us to focus on the processes and requirements most relevant to your company.


Our extensive reporting identifies areas for improvement by flagging anything we deem to be a potential risk to your company.

Our team follow a simple traffic light system, allowing you to prioritise areas of concern and digest information easily. Any areas issued with an amber or red rating will always include recommendations on how to reduce the risk severity.

PGM Reporting PGM Reporting

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